What a Mess
What a Mess Sheet Music
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What a Mess by Gary Gazlay. For Band. Grade 2. Score and parts. Duration 1 minute 30 seconds. Published by Imagine Music (IG.CBS127).
The inspiration for the song WHAT A MESS came from my mother, Nan Gazlay. When we visited on the phone over the years she would use the phrase "what a mess” at least a half a dozen times during our conversations. I decided to write a piece based on the phrase "what a mess” for my band students with the purpose of providing them with a "fun” song to play. My students have always loved to perform WHAT A MESS. The song is a lot easier to play then it sounds and it provides them with an opportunity to let out some of their frustrations as they express themselves through their musical instruments. The challenges that I have observed with my students playing WHAT A MESS, is maintaining the tempo throughout the entire song and making sure that they mark their music if they need to take a breath. The tempo marking is a suggested starting point and directors can chose a faster tempo based on the abilities of their students. It is my hope that WHAT A MESS will provide students with a song that they will enjoy learning to play and provide other music educators with a teaching tool that can be used to motivate and encourage their students. WHAT A MESS is dedicated to my nephew Caleb Dorsey.

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